Schedule – 2013

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View Center for Diversity and Reconciliation Talks Only

7pm – “The Hellish Pursuit of Heaven: An Evening with Peter Rollins”

Seating for this special pre-event (at Farmer’s Gastropub in downtown Springfield) is extremely limited. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis only. Once seating capacity has been reached no new tickets will be issued. Details here

All activities held in Room 1 of the Findlay Student Center unless otherwise noted — see room key and map at end of this PDF for details.

A = Academic Track
P = Practitioner Track
B = Both academic and practitioner track
CDR = Center for Diversity and Reconciliation Track (the CDR track is open to both conference participants and the public)

7:30am – Registration begins

8am – “Pirate Christianity: What the Tragedy of the Prodigal Tells Us About a Religion of the Commons”
Kester Brewin (B)

9am – “God, Postmodernism, and Why I am Choosing to Stay in the Church”
Micki Pulleyking (B)

10am – “The Idolatry of God: Breaking Our Addiction to Certainty and Satisfaction”
Peter Rollins (B)

11am – “Beyond Super-Nature: Faithful Renunciations of Super-Power from Shakespeare to Batman
Kester Brewin (B)

12pm – Break for Lunch

1pm – Breakout Session I
Room 1 – Post-Christianity
Christian Piatt, “PostChristian: What’s Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care?” (P)

Room 2 – Encouraging Self-Critical Reflection in Churches, Panel
Ronald Dickinson, Colby Dickinson, Robert Bayley and Elisabeth Bayley, “How Do Christians Form Self-Critical Perspectives in Today’s Church? Four Interrelated Responses” (B)

Room 3 – Radical Theology I
Janet Abbey, “Reading DeLillo’s Cosmopolis through Jesus: A Sermon for Today,” Janet Abbey (A) and J. Leavitt Pearl, “Living Faith as Embodied Faith: Religious Practice After Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of the Body” (A)

Room 4 – Atheism for Lent
Katharine Sarah Moody, “Atheism as a Contemplative Practice and Philosophy as a Spiritual Discipline” (B) and Jim Kast-Keat, “I Believe in Atheism for Lent: Intellectualism for Everyone” (P)

Room 5a – Church Planting
Jared Witt, “Are Church Planters Entrepreneurs? The Hipster and the Kingdom of God” (P)

Room 5b – Ancient-Future Spiritual Practices
Tom Boone, “Ancient Spiritual Practices for Transforming a Postmodern World” (P)

2pm – “Community without Community: Postmodern De/Construction of Jesus-Community Toward a Life-Affirming Site of Planetary Hospitality”
Namsoon Kang (B)

3pm – Breakout Session II
Room 1 – Christianity, Church Practice and the Event I
Neal DeRoo, “Another ‘New Calvinism’? Postmodern Calvinism in Practice” (B) and Curtis Bronzan, “Deconstructing the Temple: Towards a Community for Which Those (Who Rightly Pass for) A/Theists Pray and Weep, or, What Evangelicals Could Learn from (Another) J.C.” (B)

Room 2 – Psychoanalysis and the Church
Tad DeLay, “Psychoanalysis and Piety” (B) and Katharine Sarah Moody, “A New Kind of Christian is A New Kind of Atheist: Psychoanalysis, A/Theism and the Philosophy and Politics of Identity Suspension” (B)

Room 3 – Care in and among Christian Collectives
Robert Saler, “Pastoral Care as Protest Theodicy” (B) and Mike Stavlund, “The Impossibility of Grief: Listening to and Learning from Loss” (B)

Room 4 – Campus Ministry
Patrick Cousins, “Passing on (a)theism: Reflections of a Postmodern Campus Minister” (B) and Andrea Folds, “Who’s Counting?” (B)

Room 5a – Congregational Transformation
“Dancing on an Uneven Floor: The Postmodern Transformation of a Traditional Congregation in the None-Zone,” Paul Sundberg (P)

Room 5c – Church Practice and Postmodernism I
“Evangelism as Healing, Not Church Membership,” Gene Marshall (B)

4:15pm – “Is God Dead?”
Homebrewed Christianity podcast and round-table conversation with Tripp Fuller, Peter Rollins, Namsoon Kang and John Caputo (B)

5:15pm – Break for Dinner

7:30pm – “Can Postmodern Theology Live in the Churches? Perhaps”
John Caputo, with a response by Tony Jones (B)

9:30pm – Theology of Rock with Barry Taylor, Tripp Fuller, Jonnie Russell and others, along with Kester Brewin’s After Magic book release party at the Creamery Arts Center (this event sponsored and hosted by Homebrewed Christianity)
Seating for this event is extremely limited. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis only. Once seating capacity has been reached no new tickets will be issued. Details here



8am – Breakout Session III
Room 1 – Christianity, Church Practices and the Event II
Hollis Phelps, “How to be Faithful to an Event: Alain Badiou, Christianity and the Practice of Generic Universality” (A) and Darryl Schafer, “Less is More: Pastoral Self-Destruction and the Event of God” (P)

Room 2 – Worship and Liturgy I
Erinn Staley, “On Not Knowing Together: Intellectual Disability and Christian Worship” (B) and Keegan Osinski, “Eucharist as a Deconstructive Act” (B)

Room 3 – Political Theology I
Kirsten Gerdes, “Resisting Consumerist Christianity: Rosi Braidotti’s Deleuzianism as a New Evangelism” (A) and Stephen Keating, “Debt Rules Everything Around Me (and other theological nightmares)” (A)

Room 4 – The Death of God
Matt Willis-Goode, “Deconstructing the Mainline: The Death of God in the Dying Church” (B) and Chris Rodkey, “Preaching the Death of God” (B)

Room 5a – Worship and Liturgy II (followed by ikonNYC roundtable and conversation in next session)
Krista Dalton, “Does Belief Matter? Jewish and Christian Communal Memory in Ritualized Liturgy” (B) and Jim Kast-Keat, “Experiencing a Liturgy of Doubt and Belief” (P)

Room 5b – Language and Transformation
Wilson Dickinson, “Fools in the World of Budgets and Reports: Subverting Conventional Reading Practices with the Transformative Wisdom of Paul” (B) and Scott Cowan, “When the Hedonism of Heaven Expires: Towards Reifying an Expansive Concept of History” (A)

Room 6 – Radical Hermeneutics
Susan Wright, “Rekindling a Sacrificial Crisis in the Eucharist: John’s Homiletic of Deconstruction of the ‘Manna’ Metaphors in the Bread of Life Discourse” (A) and Adam Braun, “Meals Together: Material Space and Ideology in Luke 22:24-30 and in Korean Immigrant Congregations” (B)

9:15am – Breakout Session IV
Room 1 – Materialism and Embodiment
Clayton Crockett & Jeff Robbins, “On Theological Materialism: Energy for the Church” (A)

Room 2 – Worship and Liturgy III
Phil Snider, “In Praise of a God Who Might Be: Liturgy and Preaching from a Postmodern Perspective” (P) and Matthew Mardis-LeCroy, “The End of Experience: Toward a Testimony Ethic for Preaching to Religious Liberals” (P)

Room 3 – Radical Theology II
Zihna Gordon, “Rending the Veil: Jesus and the Dialectic of Freedom (P)” and Justin Harrison, “The Gods Have Flown the Earth: The Importance of the Absence of God in Postmodern Christianity” (A)

Room 4 – Speculative Realism Panel
“Facing the Absolute: Christology and Gift after Speculative Realism,” convened by Jordan Skinner. Jon Cogburn & Mark Allan Ohm, “Actual Qualities of Imaginative Things: Religious Texts as True Fictions,” Jordan Skinner, “Gift and Contingency,” and Jazz Feyer-Sala, “Who’s Afraid of Speculation? Correlationism and Possibilities of the Speculative Turn” (A)

Room 5a – ikonNYC Roundtable and Conversation
Roundtable facilitated by Krista Dalton and featuring ikonNYC participants (B)

Room 5b – Aesthetics, Interpretation and Possibilities for Preaching
Jon Russell, “The Wolf in Theology: Wild(er)ness and a More Aesthetic Theology” (B) and David Brodsky, “Parables as Postmodern Discourse” (B)

Room 6 – Queer Theory
Teresa Hornsby, “How Queer is Queer? Queer Theory and the Bible” (CDR) and Karen Bray, “Disidentifying with God: Queer Theory and the Future of Postsecular Theology” (CDR)

10:30am – “Wider than I Imagined and Deeper than I Thought: The Need for Postcolonial Pastoral Practice in Middle America”
Melinda McGarrah Sharp

11:30am – Lunch
For your convenience, Aviary on the Fly will be available on campus

1pm – “There ain’t no god, just the devil when he’s drunk
Barry Taylor (B)

2pm – Breakout Session V & CDR Keynote
Room 1 – Emerging Christianity
Matthew Gallion, “The Less-Than-Great-Emergence: American Religion and the Current State of the Emergent Church Movement” (P) and Randy Reed, “The Problem of Identity for the Emerging Church” (B)

Room 2 – Heaven, Hell and the End Times
Clark West, “Deconstructing Hell: Preaching Trauma in the Postmodern Church” (B) and George Elerick, “Fate, The End Times and Heaven: Superstitions for Perverts” (A)

Room 3 – Poststructuralism and Justice
Andrea Stephenson, “Spirit of Multiplicity: Post-Structuralism In-spirit-ing Lived Theology for a Church of Action and Justice” (A) and Jon Gill, “Title Currently Unavailable: The Problem of Linguistic Naming of the Divine in Postmodern and Poststructuralist Theology” (B)

Room 4 – Youth Ministry I (continues into next breakout session), followed by Roundtable on Youth and Campus Ministry
Josh Linton, “What Am I Still Doing Here? My Life as a Progressive Youth Minister and Border-Line Agnostic” (P), John Vest, “Do(n’t) Tell the Kids: Precritical and Postcritical Naivete in Ministry with Children and Youth” (B) and Timothy Wotring, “Approaching Youth Ministry from a Poststructuralist Lens” (B)

Room 5a – Worship and Liturgy IV
Adam Moore & Jonathan Perrodin, “An Experiment in Radical Liturgy” (P)

Room 6 – CDR Keynote
Christena Cleveland, “The Social Psychology of Exclusion & Embrace: Loving well across cultural differences” (CDR)

3:15 – Breakout Session VI
Room 1 – Process Theology
Tripp Fuller, “The Idolatry of Doubt (Or, Why I am trying to save the soul of Peter Rollins)” (B) and Bo Sanders, “Try (Not) to Think About God: The Event, Idolatry, and the Person in the Pew” (B)

Room 2 – Love and Violence
Johann Meylahn, “Imitatio Christi and the Holy Folly of Divine Violence: The Church as Ultimate Criminal” (A) and Timothy Huson, “The Church and the Outsider: Simone Weil on Christian Love” (A)

Room 3 – Political Theology II
Jeremy Fackenthal, “Repoliticizing the Church: Finding Postsecular Engagement in Adorno and Benjamin” (A) and Bo Eberle, “Overcoming Liberalism to Save the World: Deleuze, Connolly, and the Resonating Church” (A)

Room 4 – Youth and Campus Ministry Roundtable
Featuring Andrea Folds, Patrick Cousins, John Vest, Josh Linton and Timothy Wotring (P)

Room 5a – Worship and Liturgy V
Matthew Lyon, “First as Sanctuary, Then As Sacrament: Towards a Radical Liturgical Theology” (B), followed by Theopoetics and Transformance Art roundtable featuring Christian Piatt, Matthew Lyon, Adam Moore and Jonathan Perrodin (P)

Room 5b – Church Practice and Postmodernism II
“A conversation (or support group?) for practitioners drawn to radical theology who consistently experience its resistance in established churches,” convened and facilitated by Barry Taylor and Kester Brewin (P)

Room 6 – CDR Straight for Equality
Phil Snider and Camielle Famous, “Why I am a Straight Ally” (CDR)

4:30pm – Closing Roundtables: “Where Do We Go From Here?”
Subverting the Norm roundtable with Peter Rollins, John Caputo and Katharine Sarah Moody

Center for Diversity and Reconciliation roundtable with Christena Cleveland, Melinda McGarrah Sharp and Camielle Famous

5:30pm – Conference concludes

8pm – Post-Event Meet-ups (for anybody interested in continuing the conversation)
Q Enoteca
308 W. Commercial St.
Springfield MO 65803

The Coffee Ethic
124 Park Central Square
Springfield, MO 65806

9am – Post-Event Meet-up

The Coffee Ethic
124 Park Central Square
Springfield, MO 65806

Conference Presenters Speaking at Local Churches
Christena Cleveland – Brentwood Christian Church
Tripp Fuller – National Avenue Christian Church
Tony Jones – Marshfield Christian Church
Christian Piatt – South Street Christian Church

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